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Orders & Shipping

Shipping is $14 for orders under $140, and free for orders over $140 (continental US only).

We only ship to the USA currently. International customers, we're working on bringing our vinyl to you wherever you may be!

We make all our vinyl to order, so expect a 2-3 day production time + the usual shipping time. Your vinly should reach you within 7-10 working days usually.

Please let us know asap if you wish to cancel your order. If production hasn't began we'll be able to offer a full and immediate refund. If however your vinyl has gone to print, sadly, due to the cost and custom nature of production, we won't be able to cancel or refund your order.

Refunds & Returns

Our vinyl wraps are manufactured to order and are not returnable or exchangeable. Please take special care when ordering. Make use of our print at home samples to help you visualize the pattern size and color, and ask us any questions you may have prior to ordering - all sales are considered final.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a color or pattern match for products ordered at different times. Our partner manufacturers are always making changes to provide you with the highest quality products. Supernice does not guarantee any application of our films. We are here to help if you need tips on installation but can not be held responsible for installation failure.

Please read our Return Policy for full details.

You must inform us about defects, shortages, and exceptions within 5 days from receipt of the order if considered complete. There are absolutely no replacements, exchanges or refunds issued after product is installed.

If you believe your print job is defective or has not otherwise met your requirements please contact us, in writing via email, within five (5) business days of receiving your order. If you do not contact us within this time frame we will assume that your job was satisfactory upon receipt and will be under no obligation to provide a refund or reprint. Once you have contacted us, we will then have five (5) business days to determine if a reprint or refund is appropriate, or to advise you that more information is needed to process your inquiry. If we request additional information to verify an inquiry and it is not provided within a reasonable time, we will be under no obligation to provide a refund or reprint. If we determined that a product is, in fact, defective or has not otherwise met our obligations, one of the following two resolutions will be offered:

1. We will reprint the print job with rush production.

2. We will refund the original order price.

We reserve the right to request samples of any allegedly defective merchandise prior to either of the above resolutions being agreed to.

A Customer Service representative will generally contact you within 24-48 hours of us making the determination that a reprint or refund is appropriate in order to confirm the approved solution. If you do not make contact with our representative within four (4) business days of their first attempt to contact you with the approved solution we will assume that the issue has been otherwise resolved and no reprint or refund will be given. Once the approved solution is agreed then, unless we agree otherwise, you must return the entire original print order to us, at the address provided by our Customer Service representative, within 15 calendar days after the date the solution is approved. If you do not return it within this time frame you agree that the original order will be charged against your credit card on file with Supernice.

Please read our Return Policy for full details.

About our vinyl

We've written a thorough guide all about our vinyl which you can find here: Vinyl Guide